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Bat Wings & Bat Ears MINI I (DIY)

Bat Wings & Bat Ears MINI I (DIY)

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Have some wooden pieces around that would make a fun witch, but you need the bits and pieces to complete your project? Look no further than these fun kits!

1 MINI Bat Ears cut from 1/4" birch
1 MINI Bat Wings cut from 1/4" birch

1 crescent moon cut from 1/4" birch
1 star cut from 1/4" birch

"Wooden Body for the bat may be found in your local ."Lowes or Home Depot."

The pieces for this stunning piece are cut using my laser, in my home workshop. They are not painted or finished in any way. You can use your own creativity to make lovely pieces for your home, along with paint, glue, and fabric, create your own unique decor!

Please understand that Paint, glue and added accessories are NOT included in the kits. Colored images in photographs are for suggestion purposes.

Images designed curtesy of Pickitz Crafts

Materials: birch plywood
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